Maintenance Windows

At the moment maintenance windows are not available in Pingdom. It's one of our most requested features and we are working on it, to get updates on the progress follow the post in our community here:

Feature request - Maintenance Windows

It's also possible to pause checks via the Monitoring->Uptime Page in my Pingdom, or the Pingdom API (Uptime monitoring only). You can pause checks as part of your release process by simply running a pause command, to get scheduled maintenance you'll have to set up a cron job or similar to run the commands at your convenience. 

cURL pause multiple checks:

curl -L -H "app-key: <APP_KEY>" -X PUT -u "<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>" "<CHECKID1>,<CHECKID2>,<CHECKID3>"

cURL unpause multiple checks:

curl -L -H "app-key: <APP_KEY>" -X PUT -u "<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>" "<CHECKID1>,<CHECKID2>,<CHECKID3>"


"""Pause a Pingdom check using Python."""
import requests
import json
# Set the check IDs you want to pause here by changing CHECKID*
CHECKS = ','.join([CHECKID1, CHECKID2, CHECKID3]) # Set your app-key here HEADERS = {'app-key': 'APP_KEY'} # Set your username and password here AUTH = ('username', 'password') # Here we set up everything URL = ' PARAMS = { 'paused': 'true', 'checkids': CHECKS } # Here we execute the request R = requests.put(URL, auth=AUTH, headers=HEADERS, params=PARAMS) # We build a new dict of the returned data response_data = {'headers': dict(R.headers)} response_data.update({'status_code': R.status_code}) response_data.update({'body': R.json()}) print(json.dumps(response_data, indent=2, sort_keys=True))
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