Billing Entity Changes

From February 1st 2018 we will be streamlining our payment processes to provide our customers the best possible web monitoring and performance products.. As a result, there will be a small number of changes in regards to your Pingdom billing. This will not change the prices of our plans but will affect you in different ways depending on how you currently pay for your Pingdom subscription.

All customers will see a slightly redesigned invoice layout with a new logo and new address, depending on your location.

Customers in the US and Canada will receive invoices from:

PO Box 730720
Dallas, TX 75373-0720
United States

All other customers will receive invoices from:

Solarwinds Software Europe Limited
Unit 1101, Building 1000,
City Gate, Mahon,
Cork, Ireland

Paying by credit card attached to the Pingdom Account:

No action from you required. The payments will appear as 'SolarWinds' in your bank statement.


Invoice/Wire-Transfer Payments:

Payment needs to be made to a new bank account details. Emails have sent the relevant information to you but please contact us if you have questions about the details.


PayPal payments:

PayPal will unfortunately no longer be available as a payment method in Pingdom. Please contact us to explore alternatives.

General information for Swedish and Irish customers:

Swedish customers will be able to enter their VAT ID under Settings->Account Settings from February 1st.

Irish customers will be charged 23% VAT from February 1st.

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