Setting up push/app alerts (iOS and Android)

To receive alerts in the Pingdom app you need to log in as a user, contacts can not connect through the app.

What this means is that on accounts without multi-user access (Starter, Standard) you need to log in with the owner email address and connect to the owner user.

For Advanced, Professional and Enterprise accounts you can log in as a connected user.

To receive alerts all you need to do is log in with the app and enable notifications. 

Legacy guide for accounts with BeepManager:

To receive notifications in your app on your device there are two things that needs to be completed:

  1. The first is to connect your app and device to a User (u) or Contact (c) in My Pingdom.
  2. In the case of a contact it needs to be selected with the appropriate check boxes in the settings for the check, in the case of a User the Alert Policies needs to be set up and connected to a check.

The first step is accomplished by:

  1. logging in to the app on your device
  2. followed by going to the menu up in the left corner and selecting Settings
  3. You are now presented with you accounts Users and Contacts, select one of these to connect you device and app to a all Users (u) and Contacts (c)

The second step consists of two approaches depending on if you are using Contacts or Users.

To set up notifications for your device via a Contact:

  1. Go to Monitoring, select either Transaction och Uptime, depending on which check you want to get alerts for.
  2. Open the edit modal window and scroll down to the alert settings, select Basic Alerting
  3. Make sure that the check box beside you name is checked and then that the appropriate device, iOS or Android is selected
  4. Save the settings by clicking Modify Check and you are set.

To set up notifications for your device via a User:

  1. Go to Alerting > Users, click the name beside your User and select edit
  2. You should be presented with the contact methods for this User and your device would be listed here
  3. Now you need to set up a new fallback for this User, click the ADD FALLBACK button and select the fallback for your device
  4. You can add a delay as well
  5. Make sure that the severity level settings are correct as well
  6. The last thing to remember is to make sure that your User is connected to at least one Alert Policy and that it in turn is connected to your checks.

A couple of things to think about here, to get this to work with Incident alerts, you need to be logged into your own user account, if your account has multi-user access make sure you switch to your own account first to connect your user, BeepManager access.

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