The Pingdom API

The API has its own documentation page as well here.

In this article are we going to get a list of your checks through the API, this is done with a GET request to the host

cURL is a tool used to make HTTP requests from a command line interface. It is good if you understand the basics of your command line interface before we begin and it is also a plus to know how cURL works.

We need to generate a App-Key to identify your application. This is done from under Integrations > The Pingdom API in My Pingdom. The key looks something like this: zoent8w9cbt810dagobah23vcxb87zrt5541.

To authenticate yourself to our servers you use the same username and password as you use to log in to My Pingdom.

This is what the URL looks like that we are getting the check list from:

This is whet the request looks like:

$ curl -u <username>:<password> -H "app-key: <app-key>"

Where you replace <username> with your username, <password> with your password and <app-key> with your app key.

If you wish to manipulate an account where you are invited to you add a "account-email: <email>" header, where the email is the email of the account you wish to manipulate.

The response should look like this:

"checks": [
"acktimeout": 0,
"alert_policy": 13931,
"alert_policy_name": "Critical",
"autoresolve": 0,
"created": 331316400,
"hostname": "",
"id": 1,
"lasterrortime": 489082800,
"lastresponsetime": 384,
"lasttesttime": 946684620,
"name": "Pingdom frontpage",
"resolution": 1,
"status": "up",
"type": "http",
"use_legacy_notifications": false
"counts": {
"filtered": 1,
"limited": 1,
"total": 1,
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