Contact Pingdom

To contact support with a question about an existing Pingdom account, please use the contact support button available in my Pingdom in the bottom right corner. This will ensure that some important Pingdom account information is automatically passed along and will prevent unnecessary questions from us!

If you have questions about a specific check or outage pass along the name of the check or the URL of the website and most of the time we'll have what we need to answer any and all questions, and solve most problems!

After you've contacted us you'll receive an automatic email confirming a ticket ID, if you have not received this please check your spam folder. If this hasn't come through this unfortunately means we have not received your question, please use contact form linked below.

You will receive a response from an agent within 24 hours at the very latest.



If you do not have an account please use the contact form up in the right corner of this page

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