Pingdom probe servers IP addresses

One of the most common reason for Pingdom reporting an outage is not that a site or server is down, but that our servers are being blocked by a firewall or access control list. To get our IP lists, see below!

A complete and up to date list of all IPs used by the probe servers can be found in My Pingdom. Navigate to Support > Probe Servers in the left menu,


You can also use this RSS feed, this  can be parsed to extract the IP address to a plain text list for easier deployment to firewalls, you can also use the following resources to get plain text IP address lists:

The RSS feed can also be incorporated in a Slack channel to keep you up to date! You'll find a guide for how to do that here.

The list of probe servers can also be retrieved by using our HTTP API to be used in scripts etc. You can read about the probe server API function at:

Our webhooks are sent from, you can read about it here:

Here are the Transaction probes IP addresses


Australia 1 IP:
Australia 2 IP:
Australia 3 IP:
Australia 4 IP:


EU 1 IP:
EU 2 IP:
EU 3 IP:
EU 4 IP:
EU 5 IP:
EU 6 IP:
EU 7 IP:

US East

US East 1 IP:
US East 2 IP:
US East 3 IP:
US East 4 IP:
US East 5 IP:

US West

US West 1 IP:
US West 2 IP:
US West 3 IP:
US West 4 IP:
US West 5 IP:
US West 6 IP:
US West 7 IP:

Here are the Uptime probes IP addresses





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