What are RUM Pages/Tags?

With Visitor Insights, tags will disappear (won't be needed)


On the report page for an individual Real User Monitor you have a tab up in the right corner labeled Pages. This page shows you all the pages people have visited on your site, how many have visited and how long the sites took to load.

Tags for RUM is a way to filter the results in the RUM report. This is available to accounts with the Professional subscription plan and above. This feature can be quite handy if you have for example several sub-domains and languages and you want to see specific data for that part of your site.

To use tags you have to add an element to the _prum array defined in the snippet you are placing in the header of your site. The element you have to add is an Array Literal as well. Here is an example array: ['tags', ['en', 'customer_1', 'product_g']], you can see a full example below.

    var _prum = [['id', 'big_long_rum_id'],
                ['mark', 'firstbyte', (new Date()).getTime()],
                ['tags', ['en', 'customer_1', 'product_g']]];
    (function() {
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]
            , p = document.createElement('script');
        p.async = 'async';
        p.src = '//';
        s.parentNode.insertBefore(p, s);


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