Cancel a Pingdom Account

Warning: Cancelling a Pingdom account is immediate and it will be removed after following these instructions.

If you have a trial account (page is displaying ACTIVATE buttons) the manage plan link is found under the ACTIVATE button of your account type, read here how to cancel.

Cancelling is done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Account > Subscription
  3. Click the manage plan button, cancel, and go through the short exit survey!

To cancel your Pingdom account simply log in to my Pingdom and go to Account > Subscription

Based on your account type there'll be a few different options:

Paid plans (Starter, Standard, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise) will have to click the MANAGE PLAN button.


Free plans will have a link at the bottom of the subscriptions page:



Once again, cancelling will immediately delete the account after the short exit survey. There is unfortunately no automatic way to stop your monthly/yearly renewal, but get in touch and we'll sort it out!

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