When do email reports get sent or generated?

The reports are generated when the next time period for the reports has passed, so, for example, a daily report will be sent when a whole 24 hour period has passed, a weekly report when a whole week has passed week and a monthly when a whole month has passed.

  • Daily reports are generated during office hours in the local time-zone defined in the account. Usually sometime after 11:00.
  • Weekly reports are generated and sent after 7 days or a week after it was created. So if the report has been created Wednesday, come next Wednesday report gets generated and sent and this goes going forward.
  • Monthly reports start to be generated the first of the new month and sent on the 3rd the day.

It is not possible at the moment to schedule these reports to be sent on different dates.

Page Speed Email reports can only be sent on a weekly basis, for a weekly report.

Visit Pingdom Reports for a general overview.


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