Beepmanager Light and Beepmanager Pro

BeepManager is being deprecated on May 31st, 2018.

When Pingdom released Beepmanager as a fully fledged incident management suite in April 2014 all legacy customers received a "light" version of Beepmanager at no extra charge. 

This light version differs from the full version in a few key ways:

  • Alert policies can only have 1 step
  • Maintenance periods are not available
  • On-Duty Schedules are not available

If you are on a legacy plan you can upgrade to the full version of Beepmanager under Alerting > Activate Beepmanager Pro. 

The full version includes:

  1. Customized multi-step alerting
  2. On-duty schedules
  3. Maintenance schedules

Beepmanager Pro might cost a bit extra depending on the number of users you have and want to keep, so when you upgrade make sure to disconnect any users that are not required to be part of schedules or have access to incident management features. You can still have an unlimited number of people receive alerts, but you'll have to set them up as Alerting Endpoints to avoid unnecessary charges!

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