So what’s the deal with the SMS-credits?

SMS credits are needed for SMS/Text alerting to work.

One credit is used for each SMS alert sent to a mobile phone. So, if 2 different people are to receive both an SMS when a service goes down and when it comes back up again, 4 credits will be used.

SMS credits are included in your subscription!

This means that each month your account will be refilled with a certain amount of credits. They are refilled on the 1st of each month, both for monthly and yearly subscription plans.

The amount of credits you get depends on what subscription plan you have:











Please note that your SMS credit count can never be more than the amounts listed above. So if you have a Starter account, you can only have 50 credits at most. Even if you purchased extra SMS credits (from the auto-refill program), your SMS credit count can never be more than the amounts listed above.

What happens if you run out of credits before the refill date?

This can happen if something major happens with your monitoring. If you have SMS alerting for a large number of checks that all decide to go down at the same time a lot of credits might be used up in a very short amount of time. To avoid completely running out of credits and miss important alerts you can activate autofill of SMS credits on the Subscription page in your account! With this feature you can set the system to automatically purchase SMS credits when you need them, for example, when your credit count go down to 5 you can set it to buy 20 extra credits.

It's possible that you have more than these amounts as we've previously allowed purchase of individual credits. If you purchased SMS credits or you still have SMS credits leftover from when you first signed up, you can still use those SMS credits.

You can check your SMS credit balance towards the bottom left of the My Pingdom Dashboard.

Our system will use those SMS credits until your balance is zero - then, we will replenish your account with the monthly allotment.  



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