Shareable Visitor Insights Reports


Want to share the valuable insights available to you in Visitor Insights? Of course you do.

In each Visitor Insights site you have a share option in the top right corner


The default setting is that only people with access to your Pingdom account can see it.

Tick the "Enable sharing" box, click on "Copy" to copy the url to be shared. And then hit save to enable the sharing.

Anyone with the link can now access the report and filter it just like you would in my Pingdom. To stop access just stop the sharing. The links will not be indexed by search engines but for now it's possible for anyone with the link to see all the data in the report.

You can change the datetime for the report to see data back in time, the reports have the following data retention depending on which subscription plan you are on:

    • Starter, Standard: 35 days
    • Advanced: 95 days (3 months)
    • Professional, Enterprise: 400 days (13 months)
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