Servicenow example integration

Pingdom offers an extra service called webhooks, this is a system that is triggered when the state of your selected checks changes. It makes HTTP POST request with a body full of data describing what happened to the check in question, this request is made to a URL that you yourself specify.

The format of the message body that is sent with these requests can be seen here:

To set up a webhook you do the following:

  1. Go to Integrations > Integrations
  2. Click Add new in the top right corner
  3. Add a name for the integration
  4. Point it to your webhook handling URL by typing it into the URL field
  5. Click Save integration

Servicenow is a company which accepts webhook requests to send data to their systems, their system requires some scripting to understand the data through. The data in each webhook request is formatted as the quite common format JSON, which makes it suitable for use in JavaScript, where it is native. Servicenow has a guide on how to set up a webhook to receive data from Github, but it is easily adopted using the steps above:

You can use JavaScript to tell the service how to interpret the data coming in via the webhook, here is the reference for the incoming data object:

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