Invoice design changes

In early June Pingdom will start to roll out a new billing back-end system. This will not impact your account or charges to Pingdom in any way, it's simply a design change in both how the invoices look and the subscriptions page in my Pingdom.

  • You'll have a new easy page for all your subscription and invoices
  • You can still pay invoices online and download invoices
  • You'll still get automated emails with invoice copies
  • Your card details will continue to be as secure as always


For most customers who pay with credit card there is no change at all, your card details are still secure and handled by our credit card processor the same way as before. The credit card statements will look exactly the same as now. Invoice/wire-transfer payments for Professional and Enterprise level customers will also continue to the same details as previously.


In my Pingdom the Subscriptions page will give you an easier and better overview of your account and any extra services you might have enabled.

Instead of having 6 (!) different pages it'll be a one stop shop for all your subscription, invoices and payment details.

It will look like this:



To make sure everything goes smoothly we're rolling this out in stages, so you'll get the new subscription page, but maybe not right away.

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