IP address for probe servers

List of all the IP addresses:


Amsterdam Netherlands  
Amsterdam 1, Netherlands Netherlands 2001:1af8:4400:a056::4053
Amsterdam, Netherlands Netherlands 2001:1af8:4400:a056::4052
Asia East 1 Japan  
Asia East 2 Japan  
Asia East 3 Japan  
Athens, Greece Greece  
Atlanta 2, GA United States 2604:4500:5:a0::4033
Atlanta 3, GA United States 2607:fcd0:aa80:2a00::4039
Australia 1 Australia  
Australia 2 Australia  
Australia 3 Australia  
Australia 4 Australia  
Berlin, Germany Germany 2a00:9080:2145:e::4048
Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina  
Chicago 2, IL United States 2607:fcd0:bb80:1e00::4030
Chicago, IL United States  
Copenhagen 2, Denmark Denmark 2a00:9080:1:125::1
Copenhagen 3, Denmark Denmark 2a00:9080:1:453::1
Dallas 2, TX United States 2606:9880:f000:4:5::4047
Denver, CO United States 2607:fc88:100:26::421
Dublin, Ireland Ireland 2a00:11c0:9::496
Dusseldorf 2, Germany Germany 2001:4ba0:ffa5:00ed::4003
Dusseldorf 3, Germany Germany 2001:4ba0:ffa5:01d5::4004
Dusseldorf, Germany Germany 2001:4ba0:ffe2:22::1
EU 1 Ireland  
EU 2 Ireland  
EU 3 Ireland  
EU 4 Germany  
EU 5 Germany  
EU 6 Ireland  
EU 7 Germany  
Falkenberg, Sweden Sweden 2a02:750:11:284::442
Frankfurt 2, Germany Germany 2a00:c98:2100:a00b::445
Frankfurt 3, Germany Germany 2a01:7a0:2:1754::4056
Hong Kong Hong Kong 2001:df0:a6:7::491
Hong Kong 2 Hong Kong  
Houston 4, TX United States 2607:f0d0:1201:10d::4036
Las Vegas 4, NV United States NULL
Las Vegas 5, NV United States NULL
Lima, Peru Peru 2803:ad80:16:258::4026
London 1, UK United Kingdom 2A0D:3000:2100:A009::4051
London 2, UK United Kingdom 2A02:2498:1:229:6d:7b:65:67
London, UK United Kingdom 2a02:2498:1:71:53:aa:71:d2
Los Angeles 2, CA United States 2607:fcd0:100:8d01::4010
Los Angeles 3, CA United States 2604:4500:0008:0120::4032
Madrid, Spain Spain 2a02:6ea0:c305::4041
Matawan 2, NJ United States 2001:19f0:200:40cf:225:90ff:fed5:9aea
Matawan, NJ United States 2001:19f0:200:125d::426
Medellin, Colombia Colombia  
Melbourne, Australia Australia 2401:c900:1301:78::5
Miami, FL United States 2607:ff48:aa81:4b00::4029
Milan 2, Italy Italy  
Milan, Italy Italy 2a00:11c0:b:1::427
Mumbai, India India 2406:da1a:b0a:bf02::4050
New York 2, NY United States 2604:4500:9:5d::4031
Oslo 2 Norway 2a00:1a28:2000::4055
Paris, France France 2a03:8180:1301:146::4037
Philadelphia 2, PA United States 2607:2200:0:2347::460
Philadelphia 3, PA United States 2607:2200:0:2347::4016
Philadelphia, PA United States 2607:2200:0:2361::443
Phoenix 2, AZ United States  
Portland 2, OR United States 2604:b480:fffa::4015
Portland, OR United States 2604:b480:fff9::444
Prague 2, Czech Republic Czech Republic 2a02:6ea0:c216::4043
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil 2804:4c4:dc10:8860::4021
San Francisco 2, CA United States 2605:fe80:2100:a00f:5::4046
San Francisco, CA United States 2605:fe80:2100:a00f:4::4045
Sao Paulo 2, Brazil Brazil 2600:1f1e:d7c:fd05::4028
Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazil 2600:1f1e:d7c:fd03::4027
Seattle 2, WA United States  
Seattle, WA United States  
Seoul South Korea 2401:c900:1601:1b4::4054
Singapore Singapore 2401:e780:1:91::495
Singapore 2 Singapore  
St. Louis 4 United States NULL
St. Louis 5 United States NULL
Stockholm 2, Sweden Sweden 2a02:752:100:e::4002
Stockholm, Sweden Sweden 2a02:752:100:e::4001
Strasbourg 8, France France 2a01:7a7:2:205c::4058
Strasbourg 9, France France 2a01:7a7:2:205d::4057
Sydney, Australia Australia 2403:f000:1:100:4096:597:1:100
Tampa 2, FL United States 2604:4500:5:a::4005
Thessaloniki, Greece Greece  
Tokyo, Japan Japan 2406:da14:48a:7b03::4049
Toronto 2, Canada Canada 2606:6080:1001:2::446
Toronto 3, Canada Canada 2606:6080:1001:3::447
Toronto 4, Canada Canada 2606:6080:1001:4::448
Toronto 5, Canada Canada 2606:6080:1001:1::459
Toronto, Canada Canada 2606:6080:1001::439
US East 1 United States  
US East 2 United States  
US East 3 United States  
US East 4 United States  
US East 5 United States  
US West 1 United States  
US West 2 United States  
US West 3 United States  
US West 4 United States  
US West 5 United States  
US West 6 United States  
US West 7 United States  
Vienna 2, Austria Austria 2a02:6ea0:cb01::4042
Vienna, Austria Austria 2a00:11c0:d:3::425
Warsaw, Poland Poland 2a02:6ea0:ce02::4044
Washington 2, DC United States NULL
Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland  


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