Updated Chromium Version in Transaction Checks

What is changing?

Pingdom Transaction checks run in a real chromium-based browser, the browser version currently used (61.x) is too old and will to be updated to a more recent version (79.x). 

Why is it changing?

We need to do this because the current version running Transaction Checks does not handle SameSite Cookies to the current standard. Goole is enforcing this usage in Google Chrome v80 released in February 2020. If you update your website to support this new enforcement it will break functionality with the browser version Pingdom currently uses, so we have to change it.

How will it affect me as a Pingdom user?

If your site doesn't make use of these settings nothing will change, it's very likely that you're not affected at all.

If you currently have checks that fail due to this issue they will start working again.

If you have a work-around that targets our user-agent or IP addresses to bypass these settings, nothing will change either, because of the browser version we've selected (79.x).

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