New Pingdom Plans Launched May 2020

Why are you changing your plan structures? 
A. At SolarWinds, we put our customers first. Over the years we’ve had consistent feedback about SolarWinds® Pingdom® monitoring plans. The main request was our users would like to only pay for the monitoring they need. The new structure of our monitoring plans is flexible and customizable, allowing users to mix and match the type of monitoring and the volume of monitoring to best fit their needs.  
What is the new plan structure? 
A. The new plans allow users to only pay for the monitoring they need. Users can now purchase real user and synthetic monitoring separately. This flexibility replaces the static plans we previously offered, in which a user’s only monitoring option, no matter the plan size, was both synthetic and real user monitoring. Additionally, the new plan structure allows users to buy each type of monitoring at the volume they need. Previously, the plans had a fixed volume for synthetic and real user monitoring combinations. 
When did this go into effect?
A. The new plans became available on May 5, 2020. Existing customers will be able to remain on their current plans and do not need to take any action. 
As a customer, do I actively have to switch to the new pricing plans? 
A. No, you do not have to switch to the new pricing. You can stay on, and renew your current plan. 
As a customer, can I renew my old plan?
A. Yes, absolutely. You can stay on your current plan with no interruptions. 
If you have any questions about your account you can email us at
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