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Need to get xml content in email and sms notifications

We are using HTTP custom check and when the status is any other than OK we get an email or sms notifications based on pre-defined settings for this check. However, right now the email or sms notification does not contain the xml content which is submitted to pingdom host when the check is executed.
So, at this point our question is whether it is possible or not to include either xml content or at least status message from it into an email or sms notification. 

Vkukharyonok Planned

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Hello there! Unfortunately the Email and SMS alerts doesn't contain any information about outages except whether it's down or not. We are planning on adding more information to the alerts further down the line, which would include the XML content from the HTTPCustom checks! We don't have any ETA at the time being though, but if we have any new developments we'll update you through here!

Amanda Borg

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