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RUM reporting

The PDF RUM Report does not currently allow certain information and would like to know if this will be available in the future?

Detailed information for the month or week of which pages had tolerated or frustrated experience. The report if ran monthly just notes the load time but that does not help identify the page for the month that had that. It would at least help us understand where the system is slow and whether that is expected or not.

The pages visited and load time is only available for today and yesterday this does not help when running monthly reports can this be captured for longer than just today and yesterday?

Also on the PDF it is missing some data that is viewed from the console per tab such as load times but does not include the details of phone and desktop devices


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Hello there!

Thank you for the suggestion, it would indeed be great if the RUM PDF report included this information. There are improvements planned for the RUM PDF report further down the line, but I'll pass on your feedback to our POs!

Amanda Borg

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