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RUM Reports: Do Users' Issues Affect My Results?

I have noticed a few drops in speed for my site. These drops happen about twice a day, with one or two users experiencing speeds from 40 seconds- 200 seconds. How can I tell whether this has something to do with the user's environment (bad internet connection, they need to update their OS, etc)?

Asked in another way, do issues on the users' side affect my speed results? If so, is there a way to prevent this?

KaMo Answered

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Hi Kate,

The Real User Monitor gets its performance data from a websites visitors browsers meaning that their operating system, internet connection and many other parameters can affect the results gathered.

If it is just a few data points that is getting a bit slower results then it is probably that individuals computer that is having issues and not the site being monitored.

Viewing the reports based on the median value, instead of the average, means that extreme values has less effect on the reported numbers.

Eric Masser

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We recently had our site's RUM gain two seconds in load time.  Anyway to help determine the increase?

Pinal Desai 0 votes

Hi Pinal, 


While we can't say exactly what the cause is you can find out via the report what part of the website load time that increased!


If you want someone too look into it, create a ticket in the bottom right corner in my Pingdom and we'll see what we can do to help determine this.

Andreas Larsson 0 votes