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Customised Email Alerting

Within our organisations there are a number of different teams that look after the different systems and dependent on the time of year different services require different severities. We use our service desk as a single point of contact.

It would be great if you could for each monitor add a body of text to the generated email alert sent out tailored to your needs.

This way the service desk could be instructed to assign incidents generated from the email alerts to the necessary teams by the email body. They currently have to rely on a large spreadsheet to work out what goes where.

As an afterthought it would be good if you could modify the subject line of the generated email alert as well.

Findlay Wilkins Not planned

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Hi Findlay,

While editing the alert emails themselves is likely not going to happen (this could cause all sorts of things to go wrong) we are going to include more information in the emails that go out. Additionally we have Webhooks that you can configure to send more detailed data directly.

Filtering who it should go to would probably be something best handled on the service desk side though, exactly how depends a bit on your set up. You could for example set different contact emails for the different teams, then handle the alerts coming to specific email addresses off to the right team in your ticketing tool.

Andreas Larsson

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This is indeed very useful. Pingdom job is to monitor downtime, and when downtime occurs, we need to send notification, with some additional information to our network team, so they can work on it accordingly. So hope this crucial feature can be implemented soon.

Jackson Yap 1 vote

I agree this would be helpful to have the ability to simply add some text to the body of the e-mail notification.

Tom Pratt 0 votes