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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Latency Test Result Log Report


We would like to be able to set up an automated report that emails the 'Test Result Log' for an Uptime check on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.

The Test result log I am talking about can be found when you go to Monitoring > Uptime > Select the 'Response Time / Outages' on a check > Test result log tab.

I see that I can download a CSV of this report but I'd like to be able to set up something automated that emails a weekly report similar to what you can set up in Sharing > Email Reports.

Thank you!

Greg Bruno Planned

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Hello Greg!

That would make a really great feature actually, thank you for the suggestion! We are working on improving the email reports in general, so maybe this could be something we could add.


Amanda Borg

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Hello Amanda,

I would like to extend the request with the following;

weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for all checks or selected checks for Uptime, Transaction and Incident Reports.


Thanks in advance!


Chris Groeneveld 1 vote

Thank you Chris! I'll be sure to pass this on to the product managers in charge.

Amanda Borg 0 votes

I see that we have access to a weekly Uptime report. However, in order to synchronize this with our internal monitor reports we would like to ensure that the reporting week starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday. Is there a way to accomplish this configuration?

Justin Vander Ziel 0 votes