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Display response from target when 'Test Check' is pressed

Currently, when attempting to set up a test, the 'Test Check' button doesn't show the response from the target.

This makes it very difficult to know what's happening on the target and why the check is failing.

Pressing the 'Test Check' button should simply show the response from the target in the window.

It would make configuring complex checks much easier.

Richard Urwin Answered

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Hello Richard!

Well, it does actually do that currently:

Check OK means that the server received a 200 OK, since that is the only status code the HTTP Checks considers an OK response. If there would be a different HTTP response code (like a 500 error) while pressing Test Check the message would display this as well. The Test Check function reports on all the same errors as the automatic testing does.

Amanda Borg

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I can confirm Richard's observation. The 'Test Check' button does not currently display any information received from the target; for example, if the target phrase is not contained in the response, all it displays is "Check Failed"; it doesn't tell you what the target's response actually *was*. Displaying the actual response (via mouseover or an "Advanced..." dialog or whatever) would be super helpful in debugging this kind of thing.

arthur.odwyer 1 vote