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Verbs to perform raw GET/POST in a Transaction check

We're trying to replace some existing code (in a Python script controlled by Nagios) with Pingdom code (in a Transaction-Check-Language script controlled by Pingdom).

Transaction-Check-Language contains a verb for making a GET request (optionally with parameters): "Go to URL".

However, we need to make a POST request in this script, and there's no verb for that right now. I suggest "Post to URL with body param=foo".

Support has already told me that you can hack around this by creating a (GET-able) web page with a form whose Submit button issues the desired POST request; but we'd rather just have Pingdom give us the verb directly.

(I'm also aware that we could write a web server or CGI script that, when you GET it, issues the POST request and proxies the result back to the requester. Again, we *could* do this, but it would require writing code on our side of the fence; it would be much better if we could express the logic directly in Pingdom.)

arthur.odwyer Answered

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Hello Arthur!

This is not currently a planned feature, but the transaction check is going to undergo some major changes the upcoming months, with the tool being updated and improved in a number of different ways. I will make sure that the product managers and developers responsible for updating the tool know about your feedback and this request so they can take it into consideration for the updates of the transaction check!

/Pingdom Support

Amanda Borg

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I ran into this exact issue today and agree 100%.  I would love it if there was a POST verb in the transaction check language.  We have single-sign-on applications that expect a POST request as the initial interaction.

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