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Feature request: API to retrieve RUM and page speed monitoring results

After reviewing the current API features and contacting Pingdom's support, we have the confirmation that the aforementioned features (page speed monitoring, RUM) are not covered by the API, where only basic uptime checks can be edited and queried.

We're currently comparing RUM and page speed monitoring by Pingdom to other solutions, and our main drawback is the lack of an API to query their results.

All considered, we would like to be able to automatically import the latest results (or at least some of the main metrics) regularly into our own monitoring dashboards and KPI reporting.
Incidentally, it would also allow us to configure custom alerting on our end depending on these numbers − there doesn't seem to be any kind of alerting features available for page speed monitoring or RUM.

If API routes to at least retrieve the latest results (<24h?) could be made available, we would be a lot more confident moving forward with these tools in the long run.

Work4 DevOps team Planned

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Hello there,

Well this is a planned feature actually, but unfortunately I don't have any ETA to give you right this second... We will however let you know in this thread as soon as we do have an ETA! 

Amanda Borg

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Great to hear! We'll be looking forward to any further announcements on the matter

Work4 DevOps team 1 vote

Any update in this feature request? We are looking forward to using it!


Luis Miguel 1 vote