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Reporting Visualization


I’ve had management ask if there is an ability for more visualization to the reports that are being received.  Something perhaps like a pie chart so that when the up time metrics are being shared with all of leadership it can be more of “at a glance” per se.



I was looking in the report option but I do not see any option to be able to change how the report is delivered.  Is this something that will potentially be provided or is this a request from left field?

Kraig Corgan Answered

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Hello Kraig! No I'm afraid we don't have any such functionality in the reports. A workaround could be to export the test result logs (in the uptime reports that is) to CSV files, or use the API to get the raw data, which you then use to create different types of charts yourselves.

But we'll definitely keep this in mind as a suggestion for future improvements!

Amanda Borg

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