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RUM Page Views More Than Yesterday

I am trying to monitor the page views of my RUM site. The only way to watch the views is via the dashboard, and the furthest the pages go back is one day ("yesterday" and "today").

It would be great if the dashboard could accumulate page views for more than a day, say a month like the other RUM stats.

Alternatives to this could be:

  • an API call to get yesterday's page views.
  • A web hook to post a day's page views.
  • A daily, emailed RUM report containing page views
  • Basically anything other than logging into the dashboard each day, like over the weekend : )


Clay Himmelberger Planned

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Hello Clay!

We definitely have "Improve the RUM reports" on our roadmap, as it needs a couple of updates, so thank you for the suggestions! :) They should be helpful for the people in charge of the development. We will update you here on any developments!

Amanda Borg

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