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Alerting Incident Search Box Resets After Selecting Incident

When I search for a term in the Alerting > Incidents page it filters the list of incidents down to my search term. Then when I select an incident and it loads on the right hand side of the page as expected although the filtered items gets reset to show all of them.

The workaround is to delete the last letter of the search box and re-type it to re-filter the incidents which is a major inconvenience when I want to quickly view multiple incidents.

Ideally I would like the filtered items to stay filtered when I select an incident to view which is what I expect from a UX point of view.


Colin Ross

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Hello Colin!

That's a good point and suggestion! Unfortunately it's not on our roadmap at the time being, but we'll raise it to management for consideration for future updates and get back to you here if we hear anything new!

Amanda Borg

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